Finding the Perfect Flooring Solution for Your Needs

With decades of knowledge and experience in the flooring business, owner Manny Carvalho is an invaluable resource for homeowners, investment property owners, business owners, and contractors.

Design Ideas vs. Durability vs. Cost

Although flooring materials and style are typically the focus for most customers, there are other considerations when you are making an investment as important as installing or refinishing a new floor:

  • Pets and/or kids
  • High traffic areas
  • Stain/water resistence concerns
  • Handicapped mobility needs

Kids and pets may impact your flooring choices.

You’ll Know What You’re Getting

Meetings take place on site and will be as comprehensive as needed to ensure you are choosing the best flooring for your space.

Your consultation will include an immediate written quote that will include all information pertaining to the job, such as:

  • Detailed pricing with no hidden costs
  • Job specifications, including materials
  • MHC Flooring Guarantee


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